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Casino Limo Service

Traveling to Washington D.C. and feeling lucky? Are you on a trip to visit the many casinos and gambling areas around the city and just beyond? Well, then you will no doubt want to get there in style. When you want to look and feel like a high roller, you really start to live it up, Vegas style, only in Maryland. To help you usher in luck, why not book a limo? With that in mind, E.Z Trans Limo Service is going to be your best bet! Call (703) 595-0840 to hire our casino limo services across VA.

Easy Travel To All Casinos and Gambling Venues

Want to hit up several venues? Or do you want to go to one spot? Whatever you want, we have you covered and will help you get to the venue of your choice without worry. Want to get the party started early? Get a cocktail before getting to the venue, or simply already drinking? Well then don’t get behind the wheel, let us take care of you. Book transportation with E.Z Trans Limo Service, and we’ll make sure that you get to your location safely, without issue. We specialize in making every client feel like they are a million bucks, and make sure that you ensure you get to the casino with luck on your side and a smile on your face.

Casino Hop

Want to visit more than one casino? Want to hop around the town and see what casinos are going to give you the best wins? Or are you tired of just going to one area and instead want to explore a bit more? Well, when you book E.Z Trans Limo Service, we are at your service. You can get a limo, or town car and we’ll be ready to pick you up and drop you off. You will not have to worry about driving, or have to worry about parking or any other fees that you may end up having to incur. Instead, you can easily move ahead to where you want to go, and up to as many casinos as you want, with us driving at the helm.

Get Lucky and Let Us Drive

Planning on playing a poker tournament? Playing slot machines all night? Or just ready to go back to the airport and fly home? Whatever the case may be, we take the guess work out of transportation by picking you up and driving you to your destination with relative ease. It’s a positive push forward that you will no doubt want to pursue, especially if you’re not familiar with all of the avenues and highways in Maryland and Washington D.C. why worry about timing and getting to places? With the help of E.Z Trans Limo Service, we make sure that you only have to worry about hitting a jackpot and enjoying the sights and sounds of casino glory.
Need advice? Need a place to stay? Or just want a ride? Whatever you may need, E.Z Trans Limo Service has you covered. We will drive you to anywhere you feel luck is at, and help you get to your hotel and airport when you need it. Just give us a call.