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Sightseeing Tours

City Tour around Washington DC


Sightseeing Tours

Visiting Washington D.C. is a great option for many people. If you have found yourself booking a trip, and you want to see the sights that abound in the city, you’re going to want to get around fast. There’s so much to see, that you may find yourself getting lost if you were to rent a car or didn’t have a tour guide to help. Why not let E.Z Trans Limo Service drive for you? Our drivers know the city and can help you with a private tour of the city and get you through many of the amazing sights.


Don’t Fool With Parking

One of the things that you’re going to have to deal with if you rent a car is the parking, and many fees that come with sightseeing. That is no longer the case if you book with E.Z Trans Limo Service. You will not have to worry about parking fees, or anything. We drive you to the locations you want to see most, and pick you up when you’re finished. We can take you to multiple destinations, and make sure that you’re able to get in a lot of different options while you’re in town.


Get An Insider’s Look

When you’re trying to visit various locations in Washington, you’re going to be subject to traffic, and other things you may not be able to prepare for. You may also get lost, or end up in the wrong locale, which is always a tough thing. But when you get an insider to drive you, you are going to avoid all of the issues that many tourists have to deal with. That’s not just a matter of traffic, but rather information that others don’t know about. Imagine getting a specialized look at different areas, and perhaps going to places that you would otherwise not get to go see.


See More In Less Time

Only have a few hours to spend sightseeing? No problem, our experienced drivers can take you across various areas in the city within 4 hours of your time. That’s right, a 4-hour experience one of the best drivers in the city can be just the thing you need to see everything that Washington has to offer. Here at E.Z Trans Limo Service, we make sure that every visitor gets to see the glory of this fast-paced city. Whether you want to see the sports arenas, or you want to see the historical spots, we have you covered with transportation and time frames that work with nearly every budget and schedule.
The next time you plan on seeing the sights, don’t drive yourself. Instead, book E.Z Trans Limo Service and let us take care of the driving. You’re going to be surprised by what you can do in 4 hours, and what you can see with our drivers at the helm. Don’t worry about anything but getting your camera ready, because you’ll see a lot in a short span when you let us be your personal tour guide.

City Tour around Washington DC

Sightseeing Tours

City Tour it’s a very fast-paced city tour around Washington DC for 4 hours with your own private driver guide who will give you all the basic information about the monuments and areas you will see on this tour.

Get even more personalized by selecting a multi-lingual driver guide to take you on your tour.

You will see the following sights on this tour: US Capitol, Supreme Court, Library of Congress, Ullyses Grant Memorial,Union Station, Pennsylvania Avenue, The White House, Washington Monument, Smithsonians Museums, Tidal Basin, Jeferson Memorial, FDR Memorial, MLK Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Korean Memorial, Vietnan Memorial, World War II Memorial, Kennedy Center, Watergate Complex, Rock Creek Parkway, Embassy Row, National Cathedral, Dupont Circle, Georgetown, Arlington Cemetery, Iwojima Memorial and The Pentagon.

There will be several stops along the way for the opportunity to take pictures and appreciation the national monuments.The driver does NOT escort the passengers on the monuments and they need to return at the time scheduled by the driver.

Duration : 4 Hours (Morning and Afternoon)

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