Top 5 Must-Go-To Events in Washington DC this summer

Top 5 Must-Go-To Events in Washington DC this summer

Summers in Washington DC bring with them their share of fun, frolic and countless summer events for people of all ages and genders. From music, film and art festivals to food, drink and cultural events taking place all around the city, you’re sure to find something right up your alley!

If you’re looking to have a weekend out enjoying the festivities the nation’s capital has to offer in July but are unsure which event to attend, we’ve got you covered!

Here are five of the most popular events happening in DC this summer that you’d regret missing out on:

The 2018 MLB® All-Star Week™

When: July 13-17th
Where: Walter E. Washington Convention Centre

Fans of baseball rejoice, for baseball is coming home for the first time in half a century! Last held in Washington DC in 1969, the MLB All-Star Game brings with it an entire week of festivities both die-hard and casual baseball fans are sure to love.

With activities ranging from interactive events for families and kids, to fan meetings allowing you to meet your favorite stars in addition to the tournament itself, this is surely the event of the century you’re going to regret missing out on!

The Smithsonian Folklife Festival

When: June 27th-July 1st and July 4th-8th
Where: National Mall

Spanning over two weeks, The Smithsonian Folklife Festival offers locals the chance to explore different cultures and cultural inspirations. Established in 1967, the festival has been held every year for the past fifty years to celebrate diversity and honor the contemporary cultural traditions of the people living among us.

The theme for this year centers around the cultures and traditions of Armenia and Catalonia, and festival-goers can experience the music, art, food, and craft of these countries through the hands of the locals themselves.

Citi Open

When: July 28th-Aug 5th
Where: Rock Creek Park Tennis Center

Every year, for the past 50 years, the District has held professional tennis tournaments in Washington DC, with top-tier participants from all over the world competing against each other.

25% of all proceeds generated from the purchase of tickets will be going into helping low-income students by giving them travel experiences and educational opportunities. This may be the perfect time for you to give back to the society—and have fun watching an excellent tennis match simultaneously! Click here to buy your tickets.

Capital Fringe Festival

When: July 7th-29th
Where: Libraries, Museums, Galleries all over the DC!

The Capital Fringe Festival brings together independent artists of various art forms like music, dance and theatre and gives them a platform to express their talents. Explore the world of improv dramas, punk rock shows and sensual dance shows in locations all over the city! Check out their website for a detailed calendar of all shows in your areas.

The Comcast Xfinity Outdoor Film Festival

When: August 23rd-26th
Where: Strathmore Campus

If you love watching movies at home but also love lying under the stars enjoying the soft breeze in your hair, this event is just for you! Enjoy the pleasure of doing both by watching movies under the stars for free in the lawns at Strathmore Campus for four nights. The event is a charity event benefiting the National Institutes of Health Children Charities.


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