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The streets of D.C. are filled with aggressive drivers, compact situations, and unnecessary stress. Things you don’t need to deal with. Things you shouldn’t need to deal with. You need a way to get around, from place to place, from meeting to meeting, from airport, hotel, and back again. You need someone you can rely on so that you can focus on what matters You.


Why Choose Us

Our chauffeurs are hand selected, meticulously screened. They are trained to be the best in the industry, courteous, prompt, and catering to your every need. The criterion for which our chauffeur is accepted is of the highest standards in the industry.
All of our chauffeurs are required wear black suits, white shirts, and a dark tie. Our insurance carrier must approve all new chauffeurs. Each new chauffeur must pass a drug and alcohol test and perform a complete background check. All our chauffeurs are expected to assist passengers with their luggage. They are encouraged to be friendly and polite and to speak only when spoken to.


That’s why we’re here. E.Z. Trans Express Limo and Executive Sedan service. We take care of the driving, we make sure you arrive in the lap of luxury, we protect your privacy, we handle it. Our chauffeurs are trained to the highest levels of professionalism and our vehicles are tended to as if they were alive. Every detail is aligned just right. That’s what you do need.We operate in Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. If you need us to go further South in Virginia, or up to Maryland, we’ve got you covered there as well. We are intimately familiar with the back-roads, the main roads, and are sure to get you to your location.


We are the guys you can trust, we are E.Z Trans Limo.