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6 Factors That Transform a Limo Service from Good to Excellent

Who wouldn’t want to travel in a limo with style and panache? The luxury and comfort are unparalleled, paired with the benefit of not having to think about parking or driving in traffic. If you’ve used multiple limo services, you will know the difference between good and excellent limo service.

A good limo service will merely take you from point A to point B. An excellent limo service will do it with top-notch style and comfort. Here are six factors that transform a good limo service into an excellent one.

Trained Drivers

The most important thing in any limo service is the driver’s expertise. While a good limo service will have drivers who know how to drive, an excellent one will have drivers who put your mind at ease. You won’t find yourself worrying about being in a speeding vehicle or getting caught off-guard every time the driver makes a sharp turn. The trained drivers will find an optimum speed and drive carefully to ensure your comfort isn’t compromised.

Privacy Matters

An important part of training drivers is to make them understand the value of passengers’ privacy. Drivers of excellent limo service will ignore anything that doesn’t concern them and maintain a distance from the passenger. They’ll be polite but won’t unnecessarily interact with passengers. Any phone calls or meetings that the passenger takes during the ride will be considered confidential, and the drivers won’t share their details with anyone.

Luggage Assistance

When using a limo service, you often carry luggage with you. An excellent limo service chauffeur will make sure to assist you with your luggage handling and put it inside the trunk properly. You won’t find yourself struggling to put all the heavy luggage away all by yourself while your driver offers no help. Chivalry is a basic requirement to qualify as an excellent limo service.

Well-Maintained Vehicles

Vehicles, too, play a huge role in the overall passenger experience. While a car may look fine, it needs to be free of all faults and properly maintained to be good. This includes a flawless exterior, a clean and comfortable interior, no spluttering sounds, and a smooth, bump-free ride. The whole point of hiring a limo service is to ride with comfort and luxury, and without a good vehicle, it’s impossible to achieve this.


An insurance carrier backs an excellent limo service. The benefit of using an insured service is that the insurance carrier gets personally involved in vetting each driver and vehicle. Extensive background checks are performed on each driver, and they’re made to go through drug and alcohol tests. Each car is also well-maintained as the cost of maintenance is borne by the insurance carrier.

Fastest Routes

Ultimately, the point of using a limo service is to stay away from the hassle of planning routes. An excellent limo service is worthless if it doesn’t get you to your destination on time. Therefore, the drivers of such services must always know the fastest way around the city. They should be able to re-route, if needed, and avoid traffic altogether.

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