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E.Z. Trans Express sprung out of a desire and a frustration. A desire to provide an affordable executive sedan and limo service to the bustling Northern Virginia, the sprawling D.C., markets. A frustration at the exorbitant prices and lack of professionalism of our competitors.

Airport Trips

Whether on your way to visit family, go on vacation, or travel to meet with business associates, E.Z Trans has got your back. We pride ourselves on punctuality. Arriving early is our policy. Not only will you reach your flight on-time, you will do so whilst wrapped in luxury catering to your every need.


Is it your big day? The vast waters of wedding planning can be difficult to wade through, it can feel like you’re sinking. That’s why you do not, you cannot worry, about transportation on that special day. We know how stressful it can be, how everything has to be perfect. That’s why you call us. We’ll make it perfect.

Business Events

The bull. The bear. The black. The red. Numbers and statistics and graphs fill your mind from every angle. Being late is not an option, not for you, the businessperson, or your business. Rely on us to make sure you get to that meeting, to that proposal, in the highest comfort. You have enough on your plate, we’ve got your back.

Looking for the best limo, the best executive sedan, service in D.C. and Northern Virginia?

Who are E.Z. Trans Limo?
Your Driver, Your Ride, Your Friend.

This isn't New York. This isn't Shanghai. It's D.C. In the twenty-first century. There's no way you're going to walk, and public transport just doesn't cut it. That's where we come in. None of the hassle of a taxi and no haggling. No arriving late, no dropping the ball. We drive you where you need to go, we get you what you need, without sacrificing the comfort or luxury you're used to. And we won't devour your wallet to do it. Our drivers know these streets intimately, are trained to the highest levels, and are happy to do what they're doing. And what are they doing exactly? Serving you.

  • At An Average Percent of

  • At an average of

  • In the thousands

  • Excellency is our standard

Our Vehicles

Pick your ride!


It lives up to its name. Strolling through the streets of Georgetown or riding through Arlington, you won’t be disappointed. This one smells of sweet metropolis. It fits up to four, with plush leather, and tinted windows.


The Suburban
It almost roars. This beast is so impressive that it drops even our jaws. Tinted windows for privacy, beautiful leather interior and massive space. You can fit a small family in this one, up to seven passengers, with enough truck space for a road trip.


The Sprinter
This is that party car. This is that get-together car. The agile, compact, Benz Sprinter. Alongside being from amongst the highest quality vehicles available, it carries a massive amount of passengers. When you want to impress your friends on your night on the town, this is the one you call for. Fits up to 14 passengers, tinted windows, luxurious interior.


The S-550
The Mercedes S-550. A black knight, with incredible leather seating, and dark tinted windows for privacy. You won’t be mistaken for anything but the highest priority riding with us. Can fit up to three passengers.

Passenger Bus

When you need the highest quality service going to an event in D.C. or anywhere else, E.Z. Trans has you covered. This beast fits up to 37 passengers with room to spare, plentiful storage space, and maximum comfort.
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